Aressa Kurani

One of the last remaining Hume on Anaphar, a mythical caster and wielder of Ice and Wind


Aressa Kurani is among the last Hume to walk the earth, and ranks among the most mystical magicians in all of Anaphar. She is also famed a beauty with flowing long hair of black coloration and deep brown eyes, a fact shared among young men especially.

Her talents with Wind and Ice magic are known throughout the world, and none have yet been able to rival her mastery, let alone find how she shapes the arcane energies. Many people have been put off by her ‘way’ of working with magic. Instead of common forms of magical energy usage, Aressa is capable of simply manifesting effects at will, without any effort or gestures, seemingly from within her Self.

Her magic is rooted deeply in the wintery elements, and compromises of a mastery of Wind, Ice and Snow. She can shock-freeze her enemies or let winds blow her enemies off ledges easily, and has demonstrated time and again that the limit of what she can do is quite extensive.

The most shocking report came only a few years ago from the North, where she allegedly froze an entire stretch of land in a deep layer of frost and conjured up a blizzard that has not seen it’s rival before or since.

Nicknamed Ice Queen, Aressa is not put off much by it, and instead has taken a liking it. The nickname refers to her capabilities in the arcane, not to her personality. Those whom have interacted with her know her as a friendly but stern person, judging fairly each person.

When engaged in combat, her nickname becomes more thoroughly a description, as she does not like to speak and concentrates fully on annihilating her enemies. When thus occupied one can witness the elements taking over, with her eyes turning into the silvery white of ice and snow and her hair bleaching out to a pure white.


From what is known, Aressa walked Anaphar as an adult when the Awakening happened. She was quick to take up the adventuring profession and has since then never stopped for more than a few short months at a time in her quest to uncover the mysteries of Anaphar.

Her young years were spent delving in what is now the Tiefling Empires capital, and she has helped lay a foundation on which the Tieflings could build. She helped rid the city ruins of what is now Takaz of the many dangers lurking within and beneath, and has been granted several titles within the Empire, even been given chance to join.

As the story goes, she declined the invitations, but accepted the Titles, making her a honorable citizen and quite wealthy, too.

After her adventures in the Tiefling Empire, she chose to wander to the Central Lands and then the North, exploring along her way and uncovering some interesting finds, including a collection of Rituals used in modern-day crafting (one of the reasons that some minor wonders can be replicated by now).


The protagonists met with Aressa in Dragon’s Glory, the capitol of the Dragonborn Empire. Together the group used a Soul Reading ritual on her to find out if there really was another soul inside her, just like Torrin.

With indirect help from the Purple Dragon inside Torrin, the group achieved their goal and found out that not one soul, but millions of them resided within Aressa, all likely ice and wind elementals from the now-deserted Elemental Chaos.

After the ritual was over, Aressa immediately left the location where the ritual was performed and has not been seen since.

Aressa Kurani

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