Felstred Talmere

Half-Eladrin Scholar and Steward of Mak's estates in Kovus


Half-Eladrin, full-on Scholar.

Falstred is a contact of Mak Ghaltar and a capable linguist as well as one of the best building style analyzers. His knowledge about local building styles goes deep enough to make him stand out among peers.


Little is known about Falstred Talmere’s past, which is understandable as half-eladrin. Whomever he descended from is unknown, and something he himself is not too fond of speaking about.

What is known, though, is that he has suffered largely for his ancestry, seeing as Eladrin are generally more active within the Western Woodlands, and not in a good way. He has been savagely beaten and persecuted by law, only making it through by ways of Mak’s help.

Since these incidents a long time ago, Falstred has taken to being the Steward of Mak’s estate in Kovus, taking great care of the premises and all treasures within.

Felstred Talmere

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