The Disembodied Voice


Neth’karad lives in the Shining Tower, a flying Eladrin ruin built around an ancient Elemental Core, and is quite possibly the most mysterious living being on Anaphar. Bodiless he is a voice and a will, a force shaping the world by presence, knowledge and his many Geasa that challenge him to find creative ways to tell the important people about the past and, possibly, the future.

Neth’karad has shown some incredible powers that would shock even the most skilled of masters at any art. With but a bit of focused will he killed a dozen eladrin, sent the characters away into a prior unheared of realm (the Shadowfell) and announced the coming of the second moon.

His connections seem to be as incredible as his powers, having rescued the characters from certain death at the hands of the eladrin, when they had accidentally stepped into the Feywild. He has commented on this himself, telling the characters that he knows quite many people and has a certain sway in some of the higher spheres of influence.

Most curious, though, is Neth’karad admitting that once upon he time he himself was essentially almighty and could have torn the heavens asunder, had he chosen to do so. The little information he could hand out indicates that he shared his power with others, and was then somehow betrayed or fell from grace.

As with most of what Neth’karad tells, the veracity is questionable and unprovable, as he suffers from a great many Geasa put upon him by unknown force(s).

When connected to the internal magical system of the Shining Tower, Cadeyrn could discern part of Neth’karad’s being, as seen by the tower’s eyes. Still, even with his deep and intricate knowledge, he could not really make out anything useful except a vast amount of energy.


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