Recorded Interviews with an Angel

A strange set of scrolls that contain the written interview with Aurel, an Angel


The Recorded Interviews with an Angel are a set of scrolls penned in the Barik tongue by a scholar named Ther Maru, whom actually led an interview with a real Angel. The contents range over a wide variety of topics, but are – sadly – mostly destroyed.

Anyone keeping the Scrolls (or a copy of their content) handy as a reference may gain a +2 bonus to Religion checks on all topics regarding Angels.


Found by Aressa Kurani in her last trip to the north, the scrolls have quickly come into circulation among religious circles of all types (excluding, obviously, those regarding the Archfey).

The work was provided free of charge to all kingdoms and interested parties by Aressa and her homeland staff, whom had copied the work by hand. The find is still recent, and falls into line with the Tome of Divinity’s discovery.

Recorded Interviews with an Angel

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