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  • Visited Locations

    * [[Shining Tower]], apparent 'home' of [[:neth-karad | Neth'karad]] * [[Tarukon]], fortress-city of the dwarves dating to the Dark Time * [[Terra Morgai]], home of the Giants

  • Legendary Locations

    Besides the strange and dangerous Wonders of Anaphar, there also exist so-called Legendary Locations that fit in neither with the Wonder or Terra Incognita - they are incredible locations that baffle the mind, but are not inherently mystical in and of …

  • Tarukon

    _May the Kings and their Ancestors survive the End and stay eternally within our halls_ Deep underneath Helarion Mountain in the Western Woodlands rests the ruins of what once known throughout the lands as Tarukon, Forge-City of the Dwarven Realms. The …