The Cosmology in Anaphar is – as far as scholars currently know – limited to the Feywild, the material world and the Elemental Chaos. As it turned out, though, more existed beyond the scope of those two alternative realms. The heroes of the story were catapulted by a powerful magical ally into the Shadowfell, an as of yet unknown plane with it’s own struggles and problems.

The Material Plane

As to be expected, Anaphar’s struggles take place mostly on the material plane, which is described in more detail in other sections of this wiki.

The Feywild

The knowledge about the Feywild is limited and based upon a few recovered data points from earlier times. It is, in a sense, a second material plane, where the creatures we detail as fey came from in earliest times.

It’s geography is roughly similar to that of Anaphar, but diverges enough to not be considered a “mirror” in it’s own right. In earliest times the Fomori rules the Feywild, harsh creatures that could enthrall their enemies and allies alike, and did so with great glee.

The state of affairs changed somewhere about one thousand years ago, when the four Archfey stepped from the untamed regions of the Feywild and called their children, the Eladrin, back and to serve them. Nearly all of the Eladrin followed what amounted to a god’s holy decree and left for the Feywild. Together they formed an Empire of their own, settled in the Feywild, and within about a hundred years drove back the Fomori and forced them out of existance, making the Fomor a rare sight in today’s world.

From there on out the Eladrin began to become more and more reclusive and mysterious. Contact between most nations and the Eladrin broke up, and they did not care. The last known facts about the Feywild are that the Eladrin are by now it’s masters. There is little freedom to be had there, unless you serve the Eladrin in any way you can. Most fey races have been subjugated in one way or another.

The Elemental Chaos

A seething chaotic world of elemental power, the Elemental Chaos is a barren wasteland lying unexplored in today’s world. Sages have studied this world, and found a whole lot of nothing under their gaze.

Old scriptures point to the Elemental Chaos as teeming with creatures of all kinds, but the plane we see today is nothing like that. Vast swathes of elementally charges wasteland lead to more of the same. Rarely you can find an Elemental, a Demon or a Devil. Creatures once said to live in the Elemental Chaos can only rarely be found, and of the old mythical sites nothing has been seen so far.

Exploring the planes is as of yet nothing that had any focus, and so all the sages can say is that the Elemental Chaos looks devoid of much activity compared to the old scriptures. If this is true lies to be seen.

The Shadowfell

Until recently unknown, a third plane exists in the cosmology of Anaphar. Still unknown to any but the group of adventurers, this is the plane of shadows and darkness. The natives of the plane live a harsh life, fighting against Oblivion that slowly dissolves the world at it’s edges. The people have memories that go back beyond the current 32 years of memories that are existent on the other planes, but not by much. Their history has not been given much attention, as their world slowly dies off.

It was also here, that the heroes discovered what amounted to two new Gods, which were the Derelict King and the Forgotten Queen, titanic figures sitting at the perfect center of the world. They sit on thrones of solid dark stone, each higher than the highest mountain ever seen. They sit, without moving, and have never, in the living memory of the citizens of the Shadowfell, acted. Yet, they are revered greatly.

The Shadowfell has a Planar Gate, the last remnants of their once great civilization. The Gate, though, lies beyond the ever growing Oblivion, and only a small path of reality still leads to the Gate. The heroes travelled the path for a long time, reaching the gate after a time unknown to them.


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