Long ago there were many Gods known to Anaphar, most lost to time until recently. Only a few of the Old Gods had been known, along with the Archfey and the Shrines. This, however, changed when the heroes found a library within a huge and ancient dwarven city.

Within the library, they found the Tome of Divinity, a book detailing the Old Gods – all 21 of them. This discovery will allow the world to explore the divine again, and might have other consequences as well.

The Old Gods

After the Awakening, most people had forgotten wholesale about the gods of the old times, that once walked the earth. Memory of the divine was scarce, even among the longer lived people, and neither churches nor holy books had been available.

Only four gods were rediscovered in the first years following the Awakening, but people took to the worship quickly. In the Year 32, then, the heroes found a book detailing the remaining 17 gods and the fate of the divine in the world.

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The Shrines

All over the landscape of Anaphar people can find the so-called shrines, monuments to unknown entities of old times. Hundreds of different shrines exist, but several pop up time and again, being so present that people took to worshiping whomever they represented as gods.

These gods are called Shrines, and were distilled down into the few most commonly found shrines on Anaphar.

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The Archfey

The gods of the Eladrin are the Archfey, four extremely powerful entities that walk among their people and command them to do their bidding. Where they came from is unknown, a fact lost to time, but their pull is undeniable.

They led an exodus of their kin into the Feywild, where they subjugated any and all threats and claimed it as their own world.

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The Shadowfell Gods

When the heroes travelled to the Shadowfell – and returned – they reported in their writings that they had found two new entities, so powerful that they could be called gods and were worshiped as such in the newly found Shadowfell.

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