The major NPCs are:

Mak Ghaltar

A Tiefling of great renown, Mak was once an active archeologist and collected many artifacts and trinkets over the course of his career. As he grew older – and considerably richer – he began to switch over to organizing events himself, funding many an expedition.

The vast knowledge he uncovered, combined with his network of contacts makes him either a very dangerous enemy or one very nice ally. Personality-wise, Mak Ghaltar is very relaxed and curious, interested in finding out as much as possible about the world.

The characters met Mak Ghaltar somewhat early in their career, when he organized an archeological dig in the Gnoll Hills to uncover an old artifact. Since then he has helped the group a fair bit and recently arranged it so that they would get the exclusive ‘first access’ rights to Tarukon, a ruin that would forever change post-Awakening Anaphar.

Once he arrived on the ruins of Tarukon, he immediately was given several important books by Torrin, including the Tome of Divinity and the Dragons of Anaphar book. He has delved into them with great concern and interest.

In the Library of Tarukon, then, did Cadeyrn spot that Mak carries a strange mark of another powerful being on his aura, but refused to answer on the topic, instead delving into the books all around.


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