The Brass Dragon

The Brass Dragon has become known, in the Old Times, under two distinct names, both slightly contradictory with one another.

His first name was Mercenary Dragon, and he made this name resonate throughout the world in both fear and hope. Whenever war raged, the Brass Dragon would approach the loosing party, and offer his services for great sums of gold and other treasures.

Those whom accepted found the Dragon to be an efficient commander of troops, and a formidable foe on the field of battle. Thought he was defeated at times – being one of the weaker dragons, apparently – he held his own in all battles and sometimes made it possible to turn the tide of war around.

His second name, then, was Herald of Great Heroes. When appearing in this form, he was a wordsmith, a beguiling singer and truly the greatest herald the world had ever seen. He would approach the heroes of the world, mighty war-heroes or those having uncovered great treasure or knowledge from the earth, and make sure their legend spread throughout the world.

The role of the Brass Dragon, thus, was one split between both titles. His motives are unknown, as is most of his personality. He always seemed utterly consumed by his lot in life, and dedicated himself to only this and nothing else.

The Brass Dragon

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