The Bronze Dragon

One of the Dragons of Erjas, the southern continent, the Bronze Dragon has been known to be a valiant defender of the desert nomads. Proud and honorable, he formed the basis of the desert-warrior’s honor-code.

He was rarely seen in Teimas, but roamed openly in the deserts of Erjas, where everyone capable of it could seek him out and petition before him. It was said early on that the Bronze would aid the weak and desperate, should he deem their cause a noble one, and from time to time travelled to the north to wreak havoc on those whom would hurt the innocent or weak.

Even though his fury could be great, he was not himself a cold-blooded murderer, and always allowed those defeated to withdraw and rethink their actions. He would stalk his prey, then, and remind them every day that their life was going in a bad direction, and only after one week of such torture would he openly approach his prey.

“Have you learned and rescind your former actions and thoughts?” is what he would ask in booming voice, for all to hear. The moment of decision, then, was upon his prey. Those rescinding their actions would live and be forever marked by the dragon’s magics, aware that resuming their former course will lead to pain and death.

Those unwilling or incapable of change – they were the unlucky ones. The unbridled fury of the dragon would descend upon them and nothing would remain but a dark stain on the very fabric of reality. Those witnessing this occurrence often were left with night-terrors and the deeply-embedded need to stay clear of things that might be considered evil or bad.

The Bronze Dragon

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