The Faerie Dragon

Strange, even among his own kind, the Faerie Dragon was known to be friends to the Mercury Dragon. Both dragons shared a love for illusion, trickery and mystery, though the Mercury more so than the Faerie Dragon.

The Faerie, though he loved disguise and trickery, was easy to find and speak to. A great many words he spoke to all the scholars that would visit him, revealing only minutes later that he had told lies and truth, and would challenge his visitor to discern which were which.

Among his name as grandest of illusionist and trickster, the Faerie Dragon had earned himself another portfolio: The Smirking Killer he was called, and would sometimes fly into the realms of Anaphar and kill and destroy with a laughter on his lips.

The true nature of this moniker was never quite revealed, and when asked the dragon always evaded the question with glibness and wit rarely seen elsewhere. The only kernel of truth that had ever been found in all of his words was this: “Fate is my mistress, and my will is her command!”.

Originally the Faerie Dragon lived in the Feywild, and resided there for most of his time. One day, though, the Archfey came into his realm and upset the balance, beginning their crusade of conquest and subjugation.

It is unknown how, but the Archfey did overthrow the Faerie Dragon and essentially kicked him out of his own homeworld. He rarely returns there anymore after this incident, and people have been wondering about these happeningst time and again, since defeating a dragon in such a way as to kick him out of his own realm was unheared of and impressed even the most powerful of heroes.

The Faerie Dragon

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