The Races

While race plays not as much a role in Anaphar as your local allegiance, it still gives some guides on how your character acts and what his past might be. Generally speaking, people try to work together after having lost so much, but this peace is neither guaranteed nor constant.

The Common Races

These races are the most common on Anaphar today, and thus represent the majority of the population. Some of them have founded their own empires, but in general a lot of the people are less intended towards nationalism or racial groups, but towards the places they grew up with, their homes among friends.

The Others

Besides the ‘major’ races (by numbers) there exist a variety of other races, that still make up a fair share of the population, while not being seen at every street corner.

  • Goliaths
  • Halflings
  • Minotaurs
  • Shifter


The Strangers in our World

These races are the outliers, rare individuals without much of a racial identity on the larger scale. Few of them exist or are known, and their presence is a rare thing in anything but the biggest cities or most fitting locations for them.

The Races

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