The First Years

The time known as the First Years spans from Year 0 to Year 8.

When the people of Anaphar awoke from their collective memory loss, they found themselves in a world of wonder, once built for a vastly larger population. Titanic metropolises, capable of holding millions of people, were left with only a few thousand souls left. Even the smaller cities and towns felt empty, as if build for at least double the population.

People were fearful of what had happened, and with an obvious memory-hole had to step forward to secure their life. The first communities re-formed and began working together to secure their homes against the wandering creatures and brigands that lurked everywhere.

In this time the first Wonders were discovered as well, most notably the Purple Lights. Trade was scarce and communication between communities depended on the halfling traders, some of the early adventurers and the dwarven pilgrims that began walking the roads in Year 1.

All in all the First Years were a strange time, when people had to accept their forgotten memories, re-discover the first bits of the world and take up arms to defend against the things lurking in the darkness.


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