The Search for Knowledge

The practice of organizing large-scale explorations and archeological digs had become semi-common over the recent years, but it was not until the Year 31 that the world shifted it’s focus largely on exploration at large.

With the arrival of the 31st year, many organizations, from the High State and the Dragonborn Empire down to the smaller cities, organized large expedition forces to forcefully take knowledge from the world all around.

This was the beginning of the true rediscovery of the world, and even in the first year much knowledge was to be found – but also many losses to be had. It was clear, the world would not reveal it’s secrets unchallenged.

Many of the bigger names in the exploration business began to gather in a variety of businesses, from consultation agencies to wholesale archeological mercenaries. The Deva in special were surrounded on all sides by people asking for their expertise in the Sutak language.


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