Wonders of the World

Anaphar is a world littered with magical wonders that defy the understanding of the current-day scholar. Many of these wonders are as dangerous as they are impressing, and only a few can be replicated with today’s knowledge.

The Wonders have been categorized by scholars and explorers into three distinct categories:

  • Minor Wonders, which can be understood to at least some degree or available in large numbers
  • Major Wonders, which still defy the combined efforts of scholars and explorers alike
  • Unique Wonders

Minor Wonders

  • Purple Light, a magical crystal that emits constant light without a need for maintenance of any kind.
  • Gondolas, which are actually a set of Minor Wonders working in concert to transport people across the skylines of important cities.
  • Mover, a device that transforms magical energy into movement
  • Energy Cores, seemingly a smaller version of the Elemental Core below
  • Wisp Cables, conduit for strong magical energies
  • Accelerator Plates, which allow for fast movement, once an individual is trained in their use
  • The Elemental Transport

Major Wonders

Unique Wonders


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