Primal Power

The Primal Force is native to the Feywild, but flows out into the other planes as well, taking a root in everything that is natural. The Primal Force is the strength of nature and often drawn upon by tribal cultures or traditions, aiding those closer to nature by empowering them.

The Primal traditions are a mix of inherent strength and granted power, requiring an already powerful or wise being. The foolhardy and weak could never hope to master the raw Primal Force, and would be snuffed out in fits of rage or a similar display of overwhelming power.

The Primal Force

Native to the Feywild, the Primal Force is often said to be a representation of nature: Tough, Quick and Relentless. Those empowered by it draw upon these qualities to make themselves more dangerous to their enemies, and quite often those enemies would not expect the sudden surge of power that comes with tapping into the Primal Force.

Utilizing the Primal Force is a dangerous task, more so than with the arcane or divine power, and requires a host that is strong and wise, capable of restraint and handling this awesome power.

The Druidic Tradition

The wise men, often called druids, are powerful wielders of the Primal Force, and can change their shape to fit their own needs. They call upon nature and can control their environment to an extraordinary degree.

Many druids are also accomplished ritualists and often work as either protectors or advisers.

The Shamanic Tradition

Shamans live together with nature and are granted a spirit companion, capable of communing with the spirits of nature, the spirits of the world. They are often seen as wise healers, and more than once they have aided those in dire need, be it in combat or when disease strikes.

Shamans are rare nowadays, and most often can be found wandering the land in the never ending quest for more wisdom.

The Barbarians Tradition

The Barbarians of Anaphar are mythical warriors that can seemingly merge with the spirits of certain creatures, letting themselves fall into a rage that does not subside easily, and seems more magical than mundane.

The tradition originates, so far as it is known, from the southern continent, where animism was more common in the days before the Awakening. Even today many Gith and other southern races can be seen practicing this highly spiritual tradition.

The Wardens Tradition

Wardens are highly reclusive guardians of a chosen area, defending what they see as their own fiercely. Similar to the Barbarian tradition, the Wardens are capable of merging with aspects of nature, but where the Barbarians draw into them the rage of their totems, the Wardens actually transform to become aspects of nature.

This transformation has led to many horror stories of strange creatures stalking the woodlands and fighting over prey with more natural predators, a story that easily propagates by itself. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as most of these stories originate from a Warden having taken on a powerful battle-form to chase away predators and worse from their own prey.

The Seekers Tradition

Most curious of the Primal traditions, the Seeker is a master marksman that can easily put off any foe with his strange and deadly powers. His arrows do not always strike true, but they always have great effect. A Seeker needs not to hit his enemy to inflict pain on him, but instead works with the spirits of nature to form deadly traps and snares all around him.

So much do the spirits aid the Seeker, that they can even bend the flight of an arrow, allowing the seeker to inflict even greater pain.

Primal Power

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