The Shardminds are a reclusive race of crystalline creatures that live far away in the southern desert, nearly unheared of in most of the northern continent. They can adapt their form to those around them and seem to have a natural reflex of doing so, adapting generalized humanoid forms that mimic their visitors’ proportions.

Even though Shardmines can appear as male and female, according to humanoid norms, they seem wholly unaware of the differences between genders. It is speculated that they do not possess male or female equivalents in their race, but instead are a single asexually reproducing one.

The travellers of the south, especially the Gith, have reported that the Shardmines are quickly growing in numbers, though, and that they very much have a mind of their own, planning long-term and ambitiously so.

Shardminds do not have a native tongue, but instead communicate by telepathic displays. They are, however, quick to learn languages, if assisted by a teacher, and can telepathically communicate in those languages.

In accordance with their strangeness, the Shardmines do not naturally possess normal magical talent. Arcane and Divine traditions are unheared of, and they react with instinctive fear and defensiveness to displays of such power. Instead, the Shardminds seem to be capable of the most rare of powers: Psionics.


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